Land Justice 

How Agrarian Trust Relates to and Practices Land Return

Agrarian Trust has developed this practice guide in order to: 

  1. Acknowledge land privatization, theft and injustice across the country, and our positionality as a white-, settler-led nonprofit land trust
  2. Express our solidarity with movements for rematriation, reparations, and land return
  3. Articulate the ways that Agrarian Trust is committed to allyship and support of land return and BIPOC1 land tenure
  4. Define current limits to Agrarian Trust’s ability to effect land return
2022 anonymous Indigenous rematriation project

This guide is a working document which we expect to evolve over time. We are grateful to Cierra Brown, Brittany Koteles, Valentin Lopez, Luis Marcos, Cam Terry, Shakara Tyler, and Nancy Vail for their thoughtful feedback, which has been integrated into this version. We invite you to send further reflections and suggestions to [email protected].

1 In this document, we intend to honor and prioritize Indigenous and Black land justice specifically; land justice for people of color generally, and land justice for all. To honor the different experiences of each of these groups, albeit imperfectly, we use the acronym BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) throughout this document.