Looking Back to Look Forward: Expanding the Toolbox to Create Equitable, Secure & Affordable Access to Land

Dec 18, 2018 • Agrarian Trust, Land Access Strategies, Land Justice and Equity • By Jamie Pottern

That these farms are going to change hands is inevitable; that the next generation of farmers who so desperately want to farm them cannot afford to buy them is a stark reality. How can land trusts help turn the tide against the mounting barriers faced by our nation’s farmers?

Where We’ll Will Be This Fall & Winter 2018: Agrarian Trust Newsletter

Nov 05, 2018 • Agrarian Trust, Land Justice and Equity • By Agrarian Trust

We hope you’ve been enjoying the changing of the seasons. We’re looking forward to the crackle of leaves and harvests of autumn—and to the many upcoming events where we’ll have the opportunity to meet and share more on our work to create a Agrarian Commons. As we travel the land, meeting with farmers and communities, we’ve been sharing our vision and documenting successful stories that inform our approach to land stewardship and equity…

Growing Our Team: Welcoming Our New Director & Staff

Mar 29, 2018 • Agrarian Trust • By Agrarian Trust

We’re excited to share some great news with you on our hiring efforts to grow our organization and further our mission in 2018! — We were delighted to welcome Elizabeth Spellman and Jamie Pottern to our team this month, and we’re happy to announce that Ian McSweeney will be joining the staff as our new Organizational Director.