Land Access & Racial Equity: Creating an Agrarian Commons

Aug 07, 2018 • Agrarian Commons, Commons Alliance, Land Access Strategies, Land Justice and Equity • By Agrarian Trust

How do we cooperatively own and steward land for food sovereignty, soil and ecosystem health, community benefit, service to the watershed, and more? Agrarian Trust’s proposed method is a new form (legal, cultural, and financial) of land ownership to support land access for the next generation of farmers, and we make the path by walking it. 

Land Access: Agritopia

Mar 17, 2016 • Land Access Stories • By Agrarian Trust

Agritopia – Pioneering Agrihood, Reclaiming Village Life Interviewing Joe Johnston – Phoenix, Arizona   Agritopia is an urban farm and something of a modern village designed to flourish in suburban […]

Regenerative Roots

May 04, 2014 • Sustainable Farming • By Agrarian Trust

Anne and Dennis have a certified organic diversified vegetable farm in southeastern Wisconsin. They lease two acres for now, but their farm lies within a grander scheme of a cooperative […]