Give the Gift of Farm Infrastructure

A shed to keep farm tools and equipment out of the rain, a greenhouse to sprout and tend to vegetables, a wash and pack station that meets food safety guidelines, or a cold storage space that helps farmers keep produce fresh from the garden to the market – these infrastructure needs are critical to starting and maintaining a viable farming business.

Each infrastructure gift will go towards providing a next generation farmer with the framework they need to produce high quality food, fiber, and flowers,  increase farm efficiency and productivity, and boost farm net profit.

In the Central Virginia Agrarian Commons, an infrastructure improvement is already underway! 

The Community Circle is an area on the property that will include the installment of an outdoor kitchen, and will serve as a covered pavilion and storage container shed with a permeable stone pad, outdoor kitchen and farm stand for sale of produce, artisan products, salads, value added products, farm-to-table dinners and culinary arts education. The outdoor kitchen will feature propane tank based grills, a smoker and brick oven. The roof of the structure will be used for rainwater catchment and solar panels to power lighting, power tools and irrigation systems throughout the farm.