Give the Gift of Pollinator Habitat

The benefits of restoring native pollinator habitats extend far beyond property lines.

Pollinator populations continue to decline from habitat loss, pesticides, and other factors. Rebuilding pollinator habitats secures the existence of thriving ecosystems – the source of our food, water, and general well-being – for the benefit of future generations.

Each pollinator habitat gift will go towards helping a next generation farmer build a native wildflower meadow in order to protect pollinators from population decline and extinction. 

The New Hampshire and Puget Sound Agrarian Commons have been leaders in the implementation of this ecologically oriented land use strategy, with leadership from the Xerces Foundation.  With the support of Agrarian Trust and funders Patagonia and the Donner Foundation, the New Hampshire and Puget Sound Agrarian Commons are designing, implementing, and maintaining pollinator habitats, a critical practice in light of the recent loss of much of the country’s pollinator population.