Greenhorns Media

The Greenhorns, our sister organization, is a grassroots movement of young farmers creating a community for those new to ecological farming. They create videos, podcasts and more which are shared here.

The GREENHORNS believe “we humans must reform agriculture to survive on this planet. Our mission is to create a welcoming cultural space and a practical professional resource for those new to ecological farming. We make books, films, radio, parties, symposia, workshops, networking and online curriculum. We are based in rural Maine where we farm and host campers, researchers, media producers, artists and collaborators. Our community is the international movement of LA VIA CAMPESINA. Our activism helps us express our solidarity with future generations and the non-human world. Come! We can do it together.”

Introductory Videos:

Greenhorns Podcasts


Greenhorns Radio

Greenhorns Radio is radio for young farmers, by young farmers. Hosted by acclaimed activist, farmer and film-maker Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Greenhorn Radio is a weekly phone interview with next generation farmers and ranchers, surveying the issues critical to their success. They hold no punches. Greenhorns is a grassroots cultural organization with a mission to recruit, promote and support young farmers in America by producing media, events and stunts that connect and and inspire.

Earthlife Podcast

TUNE IN TO EARTHLIFE, where The Greenhorns talk about nature, natural history, restoration, foraging, anthropology, food, land politics. They’re looking upriver, downstream and out to sea, to try and discover the destiny of their home region, and how they might intervene to make it a more resilient, more prosperous, and more diverse place on earth.

EARTHLIFE, is their learning journey where they meet and speak with people doing the work, and interpreting the potential of their landscapes. 

More Videos from The Greenhorns

The Greenhorns work to create a welcoming and hospitable culture for new entrants in sustainable agriculture. They have made films, radio, guidebooks, parties+trainings, almanacs, anthologies, song collections, exhibits, mixers, art-stunts and trans-media collaboratives that defy classification.





In a conversation with Passamaquoddy Chief Hugh Akagi, we discuss the restoration of the St. Croix River and the populations of Alewives and other fish within it.



The Greenhorns created this series of films to celebrate and interpret intervention, undertaken by individuals and communities, to shift our food and farm economy. These episodes each address a major systemic failure of the old food economy: toxicity, monoculture, monopoly, inequity, exploitation, drought, vulnerability to climate change etc. Each of these characteristics of our current system makes it inadequate to our needs, but our critique counts for nothing if we do not act. Each film introduces us to the people who have identified a point of intervention, and have put their shoulder to the task. It will likely take a generation-long commitment to rebuild a healthy, regional farm economy.

This is OUR LAND and our future. It’s an opportunity: Let’s fight for it.