Impact Report

Agrarian Commons white

Agrarian Commons 2020-2022

We launched the Agrarian Commons on May 1st 2020 to address inequities in land ownership and tenure directly by transferring farmland into Agrarian Commons.

These Agrarian Commons holistically raise awareness, build community, fundraise, acquire and hold land ownership, and convey long-term leases to decommodify farmland. For leaseholding farmers, equitable leases are the security needed to engage in ecological stewardship, catalyze community, and regeneratively grow food.

  • 8 farms in 6 states 
  • 3.5 to 104 acres in size
  • 415+ cumulative acres decommodified and under secure  tenure
  • $7.2 million in total farm appraised value 
  • 66% of Agrarian Commons board members are women, trans, and gender diverse people
  • 36% of Agrarian Commons board members are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
  • 75% of long-term leases conveyed to BIPOC farmers
  • 992+ students connected or next door to farms
  • 135 foundations and 140 Donor Advised Funds have given
  • 2,531 people from 48 states and 7 countries have donated to Agrarian Commons
  • 415+ cumulative acres set aside for chemical free food production farming, conveying rights to nature to regenerate and sustain healthy ecosystems
  • Fundraised and provided technical support for pollinator habitats, soil regeneration, solar energy production, and infrastructure improvements on farms


Our vision for the next 5-10 years

5 years from now, we envision Agrarian Commons within 22+ states holding 40+ farms and a Commons Alliance that has helped guide, advise, and support and share tools with 50+ commons land trusts created by others. 

10 years from now, we envision Agrarian Commons within 40+ states holding 100+ farms and a Commons Alliance of 100+ commons land trusts.