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A New Sustainable Land Trust out of Iowa

From the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust:

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust, the only organization in Iowa dedicated to protecting land to grow healthy food. 

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SILT is tapping a backlog of aging Iowa landowners and farmers who had been struggling with how to keep their 
farms as farms after they’re gone. SILT is committing to protect their land to grow healthy food in perpetuity. 

After two years of research and networking, SILT has earned the support of the greatest names in Iowa sustainable agriculture as well as the attention of think tanks and impact investors around the country like theSchumacher Center for New Economics in Massachusetts and RSF Social Finance in California. 

(See why Slow Money National Gathering attendees voted to loan SILT $20,000 interest free for 3 years!)

SILT’s unique model will reduce the price of land for future generations of local food farmers. On land

SILT owns, farmers will enjoy long-term, predictable leases that even their children can inherit, while building equity in their homes, barns and businesses. On land SILT protects, easements will remove the land from development or commodity price pressure. All land that passes through SILT will enjoy permanent protection to produce healthy food.

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SILT already has its first farm committed and is considering more than 1,500 acres of Iowa land for permanent protection. If you have land you’d like us to consider, please contact us today to begin the conversation. 


Sustainable Iowa Land Trust