Help Build Housing for Central Virginia Farmers

Help Build Housing for Central Virginia Farmers


Project Summary

Central Virginia Agrarian Commons is raising $675,000 to build housing on the 72 acres of land outside of Richmond, Virginia. The proposed 2300 sq ft B&B style house will have eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and two kitchens, and will be used as a bed and breakfast, and housing for future farmers. The house will enable Central Virginia Agrarian Commons to create a stable income stream for future farmers, and set in place the infrastructure to ensure the success of future farming operations.

By helping Central Virginia Agrarian Commons build housing, you can help create the basis for wealth and prosperity for a new generation of Black farmers in Virginia. Please consider making your donation today.

An aerial view of the 72 acres acquired from Callie and Dan alker as reparations.


Central Virginia Agrarian Commons was founded in 2020 to support BIPOC farmers in and around Amelia County, Virginia. Farmers Duron Chavis, Renard Turner, and Tyrone Cherry III bring decades of experience in agriculture and community organizing to their roles as Board members, and a lifelong commitment to justice for Black farmers that guides the organization. Nikki D’adamo-Damery, and Duron Chavis also bring extensive community land trust experience from past involvement with Maggie Walker Community Land Trust.

Central Virginia Agrarian Commons acquired this parcel of farmland–72 acres– from Callie and Dan Walker as reparations. This Commons acquired its urban counterpart, Petersburg Oasis Community Farm, in summer 2022 and has built a thriving farm on five acres for food sovereignty and youth education. Now, Central Virginia Agrarian Commons is laying the foundation for a thriving, Black led farm commons that will support land access opportunities for Black, Indigenous and farmers of color.

The House

The 2300 sq ft B&B style house will have 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and two kitchens. The house will enable farmers to stay on the farm on a short to long term basis, without having to take on the cost of a mortgage or costly rent. It will also serve as housing for guests, and provide a stable income stream to farmers to supplement the narrow margins of running a farm business.

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