Agrarian Commons

The Agrarian Commons initiative is a collaborative, community-led endeavor working to develop community land ownership to support next-generation farmers. 

Agrarian Commons

  • The commons are nonprofit land-holding entities connected to farmers and Agrarian Trust.
  • Farmers operate independent farming enterprises with land security through the commons.
  • Agrarian Trust leverages national resources and capital to support local land-holding and investment in local agriculture.
  • A commons permanently removes land and assets from commoditized markets and conveys long-term, affordable tenure to benefit farmers and their communities.
  • Agrarian Trust has legal resources such as land purchase and donation agreements and stewardship agreements, as well as state-specific legal counsel, and is actively engaged in real estate due diligence and fundraising for farm acquisition and investment.
  • Funding comes from a combination of fundraisers, grants, major gifts from donors (land and capital), donor advised funds, and investment capital from mission-aligned investors.

More info about our commons approach:

Donate Land  |  FAQs

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