Agrarian Trust

Agrarian Investments in New England

Making a profit off of real estate investment is no new thing, even when it comes to farmland. Land grabs make the land valuable without valuing the land. There are some investment groups, though, that aim to invest in land sustainably.

One such group is The Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF), a private equity fund establishing a network of livestock based farm enterprises that provide local grass-fed, natural and organic meats to markets of the Northeast.

Capitalizing on immediate market demand, the EAF utilizes regional production efficiency to create strong investor returns through cash-flow from a consistent supply of premium crops, and on-going improvement to land and soil quality. Thus making investing in the land more attractive to individuals and groups looking to put their money into something they believe in, without sacrificing a favorable return value.

agrarian entrepreneurEAF partners with conservation organizations and industry expertise to reduce effective land acquisition costs through the sale of environmental services and use of holistic management techniques.

The fund lays out as their objective to (i) employ practical ecological methods to transform local land cover, (ii) institute multiple crop outputs that mitigate farm enterprise risk, (iii) improve productivity – to collectively increase asset value.

food system EAF

Using statistics like, “Only 5% of New England’s $28 Billion food system is sourced locally”, the EAF shows a wide-open market for socially conscious investors, and perhaps a way to help new agrarians get on land they may otherwise find unaffordable.

Learn more at the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund website.