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EU Conference seeks to crack Land Access Question (LIVE STREAM 12/7)

Land Access is a global problem. Across the globe, producers young and old, land owners, governments and non-profits are seeking the solutions to the ever pressing question: how can we guarantee land to the next generation of farmers?  The ECVC, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Greens/EFA Group of the European Parliament is putting on a conference tomorrow (December 7th) to find answers to this central question.  Speakers from all parts of the movement – farmers, government officials, and thought leaders of all kinds- will discuss the multi-layered land use systems and the ways forward in the EU context.

The conference will be conducted in two sessions.  The first session will discuss the increasing pressure on agricultural land and what conservation means for the economic, cultural, and social landscapes in the EU.

Watch the First session live stream HERE from 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM

The second session will discuss solutions on the EU level.  Tune in to learn how the municipalities and stakeholders of the EU can work in congress to find solutions to the ever growing question of land access.

Watch the second session live stream HERE from 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM

By watching how people across the world take varied approaches to this alarmingly constant question, we can build the relationships and conversations surrounding the need for farmland protection.  Think about how these ideas and solutions discussed here could lead to more tools and security for farmers in our nation facing uncertain land tenure.

For more information and the full program of this event click here for more details.