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Featured Resource: Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy

from a book review by Don De Leon, JD,


. . . Practicing Law in a Sharing Economy, authored by Janelle Orsi with contributions from other like-minded attorneys, argues that an “epic reinvention” of our economic system is taking place, and that as many as 100,000 lawyers will be needed to facilitate the shift to what Orsi calls a “sharing economy.”

Orsi argues that with the competition-based economy failing to provide adequate jobs or meet people’s basic needs, and an “American Dream” that seems out of reach for so many, more and more communities are taking matters into their own hands and developing creative ways to thrive; ways that involve collaboration and sharing instead of competition and individual ownership.  The trend is evidenced by the rise in the prevalence of car sharing groups, time banks, social enterprises, worker cooperatives, childcare cooperatives, co-working spaces and many other types of cooperation-based arrangements.

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