Our Land Symposium


The Our Land Symposium is a series of talks, exhibits, and events to advance the broadening discourse on land ownership and farmland futures.

Due to recent world events, pandemics, and inability to travel, we do not currently have an upcoming Our Land Symposium scheduled.

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Past Symposiums

OUR LAND 2016 | Tracing the Acequia Commons

In 2016, we gathered to explore topics of public trust, commons culture, acequia traditions, water enclosures, and new topographies. Through lectures, documentary films, open archive exhibits, and a walk along an acequia (irrigation ditch)–we learned much together. May the ditches flow for another four centuries!

Speakers and exhibitors included:
Mary Wood, Rick Prelinger, Kim Stringfellow, Tezozomoc, Sylvia Rodriguez, Miguel Santistevan, Devon Pena, Ruth Breach, Stanley Crawford, Emily Vogler, Ildi Carlisle-Cummins, Eric Holt Gimenez, Allyson Siwik, and others.

Thanks to our partners: Whitehead Foundation, Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute, Green Fire Times, Quivira Coalition, Bioneers, Biodynamic Association, Food First Publications, Rio Grande/ Northern New Mexico Young Farmers Coalitions.

Photos from the Acequia Walk in Dixon, New Mexico with Stanley Crawford, author of Mayordomo — Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico:

OUR LAND 2014 | A Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century

Our inaugural OUR Land Symposium was held in April 2014 in Berkeley, California at UC Berkeley’s David Brower Center. Check out videos of our speakers below.

Thanks to our colleagues at the Schumacher Center for New Economics for their support of this event. It was also co-sponsored by: Berkeley Food Institute, California Farmlink, Chelsea Green Publishing, the David Brower Center, and Roots of Change.

Audio recordings from the Symposium:

OUR LAND: Symposium - Evening Plenary, Saturday April 26th, 2014


OUR LAND: Symposium - Day-long teach-in on Sunday April 27th, 2014


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