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Save the Date: Indigenous Peoples Summit 2024

2024 Indigenous Peoples Summit Themes:

Landback and Sovereignty

Culture, Climate Change, and Survival

Indigenous Economic Alternatives and Self-Sufficiency

Save The Date

Friday, September 13th- Sunday September 15th

Additional details on Indigenous speakers, performers, and chefs coming soon!

For more info, contact:

Luis Marcos: [email protected]

Sheelah Bearfoot: [email protected] 


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Indigenous Peoples Summit Call for Participation and Sponsorship Menu 2024



Thank you to the Summit Planning Committee

Renee Sans Souci, Umonhon Nation, Educator and Cultural Consultant (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Martha Lidi Oxí Chuy, Maya Kaqchikel, Co-Executive Director, MAIA \\ (Cantón el Tablón, Sololá, Guatemala)

Stacy Laravie, Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, Founder, Feeding the Tribe (Omaha, Nebraska)

Sheelah Bearfoot, Chiricahua Apache, Poetry for Planet

Dr. Kristina Kintziger

Claire M. Hubbard Professor of Health and Environment, University of Nebraska Medical Center (Omaha, Nebraska)

Dr. Rudi Mitchell, Umonhon Nation, Former Chairman, Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa, Professor Emeritus, Creighton University;  Ambassador to the Q’anjob’al Maya Government (Omaha, Nebraska)

Missty Slater, Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, Chief of Staff, Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska

Brandon Cobb, Citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Hubbard Fellow, The Nature Conservancy (Omaha, Nebraska)

Luis Marcos, Q’anjob’al Maya, Executive Director, Maya Economic Development Corporation; Spiritual and Political Authority, Maya Government; Ambassador to Omaha Nation (Omaha, Nebraska)

Jean Theron Willoughby, Executive Director, Agrarian Trust (National, U.S.)