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Multiple Agencies Dispute Appraisals of Agricultural Land in KY

When purchasing conservation easements on agricultural land, it is not uncommon for local, state, and federal agencies to share the cost burden.  In a recent set of conservation easement purchases outside Lexington, KY, these partner agencies disagreed over appraisal prices.  While this has not affected the protection of the farmland in question it has affected the ability for these agencies to protect more.  When these pricing discrepancies occur, the funds set aside by all levels of government are more quickly depleted.  The programs involved will audit these sales and determine an equitable solution in the New Year.  For those looking for governmental help in purchasing a conservation easement for their farm, this situation proves that communication is key.  Making sure all parties involved have the most up to date info when submitting forms can save land owners and government partners alike much time, money and headache while ensuring land security for farmers across the country.