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New Farm Added to Columbia County, NY Listings

A new listing just added to the selection of farms for sale through Columbia Land Conservancy’s Conserve a Local Farm (CALF) program.  The farms listed have been identified as having high conservation and agricultural value.

The hope is that they will be conserved and kept in production.

The newest addition is a 140 acre vegetable farm which includes a large colonial house, a farm stand and all the current farm equipment (2 tractors and a backhoe).
For more information see:  and click on “Kinderhook Vegetable Farm”.  You will need to sign up for complete access to listings.

For information about farmland conservation options that may be applicable to this or other farms, see

This summer, in addition to seeking buyers for current listings, The Columbia Land Conservancy is working to revise their system for identifying and adding new farm properties to their CALF website which will provide opportunity for a number of new properties to be highlighted.