Agrarian Trust

New Land Listing: Warwick, NY


We are seeking a farmer to build a working farm on our beautiful piece of raw land in Warwick, NY. Ideally, we would like to create an operation with a farm-stay and/or educational component. There are currently no structures on the farm, but we are willing to build a farmhouse, a barn, and other infrastructure as needed.


The entire piece of land is 270 acres, although the majority of it is wooded and steep. Approximately 40 acres are currently cleared and being used as grazing land. Soil studies show that 55 acres is high quality soil designated as farmland of statewide importance. However, very little of this high quality acreage overlaps with the land currently cleared for grazing. We would like to clear the timber off this portion of the land and convert it to farmland in the future. The property also abuts the Appalachian Trail.


We are happy to lease the land for free until we have created a plan for the property and improved the land with the necessary infrastructure. We are flexible as to how actively involved we are in the process of creating a plan for the land. We want to sell the development rights to the local land trust and permanently conserve the arable land as farmland. The most important thing to us as owners is seeing the land productively and responsibly utilized, while generating modest income to cover the expenses.


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