Agrarian Trust

Organic Dairy Farmer Training Program in Maine

Before finding land, farmers need to be confident in their skills and knowledge. Those who don’t come to farming through family inheritance can learn on the job. Here’s an opportunity for those interested in dairy. The program helps train in all aspects of the dairy business, and even offers assistance in finding land, securing financing and support once students start their own farm. From Wolfe’s Neck Farm:

Conventional dairy is in decline and the average age of dairy farmers in Maine is approaching 60.  Too few young people are entering organic dairy.  Meanwhile, the demand for organic milk is increasing at a dramatic rate, creating a nationwide shortage of organic milk.

To address these challenges, Wolfe’s Neck Farm has launched an 18-month residential Organic Dairy Farmer Training Program.  This program aims to increase the production of organic milk in the Northeast while fostering the next generation of organic dairy farmers.  It will achieve this goal by partnering with new, transitioning, and existing organic dairy farmers to improve their practices and ensure long-term sustainability and production in this region. This program is the first of its kind in the nation, and is being launched with a major grant from the Danone Ecosystem Fund and Stonyfield.

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