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Organic Market Farm for Sale: Oklahoma

40 Acres near Yale, Oklahoma for sale. 50 minutes from Tulsa, 90 minutes from Oklahoma City. Established farmers’ market presence in Tulsa, and 42 member CSA in the surrounding area and Tulsa. Established revenues 40K currently only cropping 6 acres. Very well positioned to quickly grow to 300 member CSA with revenue potential to around 250K. Probably the best positioned Organic farm in Oklahoma to grow into a large CSA business model. This is a fully functioning farm with crops in the ground. You get everything and should be up and running immediately. This is some of the best vegetable growing land in Oklahoma! 35 acres flat and cropable. 2 acre pond that doesn’t hold water most years. 3 acres of sandhill and trees. Soil type is very fine sandy loam, 0-1% slopes on the 35 acres. Well drained, but not a droughty soil. Established relationship with a crop share leasee for lower 25 acres. Lower 20 acres may flood in extreme 500 year floods. Only flooded once in local memory.


•    10 Acres irrigated and Certified Organic with 60 gpm submersible in 70 foot well. Never runs dry. 3″ mainlines to field heads with 1″ risers every 80 feet. 330′ 30 gpm reel gun and sufficient drip irrigation for around 2 acres. Two digital irrigation schedulers and electronic valves, not currently in use.

•    5 additional acres scheduled for Organic Certification by fall 2015.

•    28×56 heated (wood) and passively ventilated greenhouse. Benches in half of it for transplant production. Includes 2 years worth of seed-starting trays: 50s, 72s, and 128s.

•    40′ reefer trailer w/20′ commercial walk-in cooler. Rear 20′ of trailer set up with sinks and outlets for washing and packing.

•    60′ singlewide mobile home. 2Bed/1Bath. Propane heat. Composting toilet and greywater system. All appliances included including washer/dryer.

•    60HP JD2030 row crop tractor with hydraulic cultivator guidance system. Runs great, recently overhauled engine. 1 remote. Aftermarket front-end loader.

•    2 Fordson type 2 row cultivators. One set up for 3 rows.

•    1 JD type 2 row cultator set up for 1 row with wheatland sweeps for cucurbits.

•    6 foot chisel plow

•    7′ high trash Leinbach disk

•    Single shank subsoiler

•    16′ rotary hoe

•    12′ JD drill

•    22′ long automatic potato digger.

•    Holland Mechanical transplanter on loan from another farmer that could probably be purchased.

•    2 row Planet Jr seeder on a toolbar.

•    1 row handpush Planet Jr seeder.

•    All supplies and small tools are included, including metal cutoff saw and 220 cracker box welder. Greenhouse is wired for 100 amp 220 service.

•    Wellhouse is 8×10 and pumbed in 2″ PVC.

•    Sportsman Incubator that holds 150 turkey eggs or possibly more chicken eggs. Brooder lights and all equipment to raise turkey.

•    1 hp tub-style poultry plucker that is brand new.

•    Scald tank made from 30 gal drum.

•    6 162′ sections of poultry electronet for pastured poultry or sheep production, with portable solar/battery charger.

•    12′ covered wagon for poulty quarters.

•    12′ skid house for sheep quarters.

•    16′ tandem axle utility trailer #3500 axles.

•    6′ brush hog

•    10′ enclosed market trailer with custom cooler that is good for about 55F during the summer.

•    Sufficient harvest totes and packing crates to scale up to around 100 CSA members.

•    2 years remaining on Oklahoma Plasticulture Grant Program. This means you get ½ acre of plastic and drip for two more years and they pay you $500 for seeds.

•    Fenced on 3 sides. Neighbor building fence on the other side.

•    Established website and online CSA signup utility.

•    Well-established facebook presence.

•    High speed internet.

•    A database that contains all my records, and instructions, including the planting schedule.


I am moving to a different part of the state to be closer to my family. You will find that this is a very good farm community. Cushing, OK has a thriving economy and has basically all the supplies and materials you need to operate a farm, and then some. It is only 8 minutes away. I hope that whoever buys this farm will stay Organic and continue to operate the CSA program, but it isn’t required. I can help you continue down that path if you like. This farm is really well known in the community and Tulsa, and I am selling it complete. All you need is a good attitude, experience farming, and a ½ ton or larger truck and you are off and running. All I’m taking is my personal belongings, my truck, and my dog. Please email to schedule a time that I can show you the farm.

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