Agrarian Trust

Request for Proposals: Washington River Valley Farm


PCC Farmland Trust is currently seeking a qualified tenant or buyer for the 120 acre Historic Reise Farm, located in the fertile Puyallup River Valley in Pierce County. The entire property, 66 acres farmable, will be available for lease beginning January, 2015 for a negotiated lease term. PCC Farmland Trust will also consider purchase options from qualified farmers at agricultural value, as part of an effort to ensure that farmers in the Puget Sound region have access to affordable land.
Conserved in 2012 by Pierce County and PCC Farmland Trust, the entire property is encumbered by a Conservation Easement which limits the development potential and requires that the land stay in food, fiber, and/or forage production. Comprised of approximately 60 acres of tillable soils, 6 acres of blueberry plants, and the remaining 54 acres consisting of a large barn, storage areas, potential home sites, forested uplands, wetlands, and riparian buffer areas which include the headwaters of Ball Creek. The agricultural fields have been transitioning towards organic certification for the past 2 years and should be certifiable by fall of 2015.

The Farmland Trust and our local partners have completed several habitat restoration and soil enhancement projects as part of the ongoing management plan of the property. The successful candidate will continue to improve soil and water natural resources by working with the Conservation District and implementing best management practices while utilizing the land for agricultural purposes. Additionally, successful proposals will demonstrate a willingness to work with PCC Farmland Trust and other local organizations to provide additional community benefits, including engagement in voluntary on-farm restoration and public education events, in addition to the agricultural uses of the farm.

PCC Farmland Trust will be accepting complete proposals for lease or sale through September 15th, 2014. Through this Request for Proposals (RFP) process, we are seeking a tenant or buyer of the Reise Farm based on several criteria outlined within the RFP packet. We look forward to working with interested parties to arrange property showings and provide further information as requested. The full Request For Proposals (PDF) application is available here, or you can contact our Conservation Stewardship Manager, Brenda Campbell for more information or questions.

Please note that this farm is private property owned by PCC Farmland Trust, and is currently in production under an existing agreement. Please do not attempt to visit the property unless accompanied by a representative of PCC Farmland Trust.