Agrarian Trust

Resources for Farmers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In moments of crisis, immediate interventions and resources offered by service providers are necessary and life-saving. We applaud these efforts from the bottom of our hearts. Because Agrarian Trust does not generally provide direct services, we’re sharing the resources of our respected colleagues.  

General resources & information about COVID-19 and the food system (actively being compiled)

Find more general resources and community groups at:

Farm Services

Farm Advocacy 

Consider signing this petition from the National Young Farmers Coalition: “Urge your Members of Congress to Include Young Farmers and Ranchers in COVID-19 Relief Packages!”

Farm Financial Assistance

From F.A.R.M.S.: If you are a small farmer in need of immediate financial assistance @f.a.r.m.s can provide a money stipend of no more than $500 to put towards your groceries, past due utility bill, medical debt, loan payment or seed/fertilizer purchase.

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Did we miss your organization or resources you have to share? Please let us know in the comments if you know of other resources for farmers during this time!