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Take the Young Farmer Survey!

The National Young Farmers Coalition is still looking for young farmers to share their experience!  For the first time since 2011, you have the chance to make yourself counted along side the growing number of young farmers in the US.  The 2017 Young Farmer Survey will be used to convince lawmakers to think through the 2018 Farm Bill through the eyes of a young farmer.  The experiences, and realities of the young people feeding their communities and this country can make change and inspire programs to fill the gaps where needs are not being met.  This survey continues to be the only aggregated knowledge on the young farmers of the USA.  By establishing data on what kind of farms young farmers work on, where they are in their business plan and what programs they are using, the survey paints the true picture of America’s young farmer.  This makes it the authority and indispensable to the lawmakers championing the cause.

Take the survey here