Jean Theron Willoughby

Jean Theron Willoughby

Interim Co-Director

More About Jean Theron Willoughby

Jean is the founder of Health Equity Resources and Education and a trainer with the Racial Equity Institute. With more than a decade of experience in economic development at the intersection of the food system and social justice, Jean’s work focuses on advancing equity through building partnerships, leadership development, and serving as a trainer focused on equity and power analysis, institutional and community organizing, and movement building.

Alongside her colleagues, Jean has worked with 100+ non-profit, corporate, community, city, state, and federal government institutions including the NIH, CDC, and many others. In collaboration with Seeds of Change Consulting, Jean has worked with food and farming related organizations across the country including the Triangle Land Conservancy and the Massachusetts Food System Collaborative.

Her writings on race, climate, and the food system have appeared in YES! Magazine, and her poetry has appeared in Colorado Review, Minnesota Review, The Shore, and elsewhere. Her book Nature’s Remedies: An Illustrated Guide to Healing Herbs was published by Chronicle Books. Jean served on our board until 2018 and was Organizational Development Director from 2018 to 2020. Raised in central Arkansas and southern California, she currently calls north central Florida home.