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To Market: Growing an Economy Around Food

The Vermont Farmers Food Center is the home of Rutland, Vermont’s winter farmer’s market. Its founders maintain that the bright young farmers that are the future of agriculture are bringing new energy and innovation that will create a viable economic model around food and farming.

Of themselves they say:

VFFC is dedicated to furthering public understanding that regional food self reliance, closely linking farmers with their consumers, will require the restructuring of food economy.  Rutland County in Vermont is capable of producing much more of its own food. Given the escalating transportation costs, sustaining local agriculture and ensuring food self sufficiency is a high regional priority.  Collaborating with the Vermont Farmers Market and Vermont Food Bank, the Vermont Farmers Food Center will serve as an economic incubator in the development and promotion of local food marketing systems.  This will encourage the consumption of fresh locally grown food as one way to improve the health and well being of our residents in the greater Rutland community at large.

See the inspiring video To Market: Growing an Economy Around Food by visiting VFFC’s website.