Agrarian Trust

West Virginia Farmland Fundraiser Paints a Picture of Connection

Agrarian Trust fully funded its third fundraiser on October 12th, 2021. Working together with the West Virginia Agrarian Commons and New Roots Community Farm, the fundraiser reached total completion in ten months, surpassing the goal of $258,000, raising $261,346*.

These funds will now be used to acquire Whitlock Farm, an 82 acres farm in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Once acquired by the Agrarian Commons, a 99-year lease will be conveyed to New Roots Community Farm. This ensures that this land will be cared for using regenerative farming practices that supports sustainable food production, ecological stewardship, community vitality, and equitable land access. The Agrarian Commons structure will ensure that this land will be protected forever for community centered agriculture in a post-coal region of West Virginia that is the gateway to the newest National Park in the country.

How the community gave

37% of funds came from solidarity partners which consisted of local farms and businesses. 30% of funds came from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), which were larger donation amounts from individuals who follow and support this work. 23% came from individuals, our grassroots supporters who know and understand the importance of these projects! 10% came from foundations and financial institutions, including $15,000 from Patagonia, Inc.

Where the community gave from

Geographically, a large amount of support came from Appalachia. 36% of funds came from the Appalachian region, with local restaurants, jewelers, brewers, farmers, yoginis, musicians, governmental leaders, etc., showing support. The majority of the funds came from the northeast region, donating 50% of the funds, with the western region at 7%, the south at 8%, the midwest at 2% and 1% being anonymous.

Pin map of all donations, including one anonymous donation from Switzerland (less than .007%). The orange star indicates West Virginia Agrarian Commons.


This project, and all of its 391 donations in total, has illustrated the connected local and national communities who are playing a role in helping the Agrarian Commons land model become a reality. We are so grateful that these communities showed up to support this project and all of the people, land, and communities associated with it. We are eagerly moving forward with the real estate acquisition.

We want to say a special congratulations to the New Roots Community Farm, the founding farm of the West Virginia Agrarian Commons, who will continue their community farming activities. We invite you to visit their Facebook fan page, Instagram and web site to watch future developments.

Thank you to all who supported!

We want to say a special thank you to donors including:

Please stay connected with us by subscribing to our newsletter, becoming a part of this community, helping to spread the word as we continue to build out the Agrarian Commons across the nation.  We’re grateful for your attention, support, and contributions as we work together to reconnect our relationship to the land and to each other.

* The extra $3,346 of donations received will be applied towards farm endowments and reserves.