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What’s new at Agrarian Trust: Spring Newsletter🌱

In just a few years since launching our first commons projects around the country, we’ve seen what LOVE, LAND, and A LOT of community support can do.

As fellow commoners, we’re delighted to amplify the voices of people doing this work. These are stories and possibilities that keep us going and power the movement for food sovereignty and land justice. This summer, we’ll launch several new community-led commons — stay tuned for more! 

Read on for more updates and a letter from land donor Callie Walker. 


This spring, there are cattle grazing the land we donated to Agrarian Trust for the Central Virginia Agrarian Commons (CVAC). The cattle will be followed by Indigenous corn and squash from Guatemala and Mexico. In 2025, CVAC hopes to break ground on a bed & breakfast and provide housing for longer-term farmers. (AT has an ongoing fundraiser for this!)

My husband Dan and I donated 73 acres in 2022, thinking it was an act of justice, and hoping the land would end up in the hands of folks descended from people enslaved here, in Amelia, Virginia. That may happen. Already, though, we have discovered a completely surprising reward. We have begun to believe the land, itself, feels a relief from the past atrocities it has witnessed. Further, we have had this deep spiritual sense that the land appreciates us. 

Dear landowners, please consider that your land, too, may carry a burden of America’s history of injustices. Donating land to a racial or environmental justice organization may bring you rewards you would never have guessed or imagined. You might work it out so that you retain a lifetime right to live on the donated land. In that case, you would be a firsthand witness to its thriving and service to a larger community. —Callie Walker 


Our gratitude to Matthew Monahan and Ma Earth for hosting this thoughtful conversation with Severine von Tscharner Welcome, Board Chair of Agrarian Trust. Watch & share!


Save the date for the 2024 Indigenous Peoples Summit in Omaha, NE, September 13th-15th! More info here
Themes: Landback and Sovereignty Culture, Climate Change, and Survival Indigenous Economic Alternatives and Self-Sufficiency

Agrarian Trust is honored to have been invited to serve as a supporting organization for the Summit. We will be in attendance again this year! 


Our Equitable Land Tenure Speaker Series hosts events with skilled practitioners on developing community-led ownership models. Watch & register for future events
Kudos to U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance, a project sponsored by Agrarian Trust, for all their work in support of the Nyéléni Process, a powerful global effort. Learn more
Agrarian Trust is proud to be one of the partners making up the new Appalachia Regional Food Business Center! With a focus on supporting a resilient, diverse, and collaborative food system, the Center is connecting folks through a new website. Explore this local food innovation hub and get updates.

Agrarian Trust supports active and newly forming commons with tools and resources they need to thrive.

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If you made it this far, we can’t thank you enough for your support! Together, we’re catalyzing the power of the commons for next-generation farms and building a food system that works for all.

As a national land trust, we see it firsthand: Capacity building support, legal assistance, and fundraising campaigns can be transformative in communities that have been divested, exploited, and marginalized.
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