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Our Donors & Supporters


Thanks for your support!

Our work would not be possible without the generous support of foundations, donor-advised funds, businesses, and individuals. This includes donors such as:

Kalliopeia Foundation, Donner Foundation, Trisons Foundation, Namaste Foundation, Globe Trotter Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, New World Foundation, World Centric, Flora Foundation, New Priorities Foundation, The Claneil Foundation, The Chipotle Aluminaries Project, Patagonia Foundation, No Regrets Initiative, and the You Have Our Trust Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

Land Donors

Thank you to those who create legacies for future generations through land gifts:

Ms. Caroline Gardner
gave the first land gift to the Puget Sound Washington Agrarian Commons which catalyzed the national Agrarian Commons movement. Read more >>

Monadnock Community Land Trust
donated Normanton Farms, the first founding farm to be transferred into the New Hampshire Agrarian Commons. Read more >>

Callie and Dan Walker
donated land for the creation of the Central Virginia Agrarian Commons. Read more >>

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