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Roadmap to Generosity Kickstarter

From Giles Blunden, one of the leading green architects in the Southeast US. He designed and developed the highly successful co-housing communities of Arcadia and Pacifica in Carrboro, North Carolina.
Giles sent out this note yesterday:
“Today I launched a kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 for a book that I will complete this year. It’s a book about a new kind of retirement community that brings together young organic farmers and active retirees. I need help with this project, in order to complete it by January, 2015.
I plan to publish this book and give it away. I don’t care about many money on it, but I can’t lose money, and I’d like it to be a community project. I’m willing to give most of my time (at least 500 hours) until January to write the book, which I’m calling “Roadmap to Generosity Farm.”  I think it could have some value as a model for communities faced with the dilemmas that confront retirees and young farmers today. Whether you’re able to contribute 10 cents, 20 cents, or a dollar for each of my hours, I am very grateful.
Please click here:, see what you think, and donate what you can.  It is important that the campaign show strong support from the outset, as that will create forward momentum.  Your contribution today will prompt someone else to contribute in the coming weeks.
As you know, I believe that cultural change comes from the grassroots — us. By joining me in this project, we become a grassroots movement that will make a collective statement about purpose, social capital, and shared values.”
Thank you for your support, Giles