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From Rachel Armstrong at Farm Commons:
Hello Farmers and Farm Advocates,

  • Has a detailed farmland lease ever made your life easier?
  • Did writing an operating agreement help you sort out your relationship with kin or partners?
  • Has negotiating a sales contract helped you make more sales over the long term?
  • Did a great land contract/contract for deed help you get off on the right foot with your own farm?
We want to hear your story.
Farm Commons believes that paperwork doesn’t have to be a boring, irrelevant formality. We believe investing in clear, thorough legal documents can help farmers run terrific, stable, profitable businesses. Sometimes, drafting a document help folks discover unique solutions, open discussion on old problems, generate a new business strategy, or simply create cohesion. Writing the document might be a bit arduous, but the results create a pathway to success that works for everyone.
We need stories of those who’ve developed a useful legal document firsthand- either on their own or with guidance.
We are interested in many different legal documents farmers craft and sign: Leases, operating agreements, partnership agreements, land contracts, sales contracts, CSA membership documents, promissory notes…
Are you a farmer with a good experience drafting a document? Or, have you worked with or helped a farmer through a positive document drafting experience? 
If so, I would love to talk with you. Please send an email or call: [email protected] or 608 616 5319. We will be using these stories to develop farmer profiles for print guides and short videos on farm law basics. If we do a full interview (a couple hours in length), compensation will be provided.


Thank you,



Rachel Armstrong
Executive Director and Attorney
Farm Commons