Every FaithLands project is unique, guided by principles specific to its mission and the needs of the surrounding community. With this sampling of case studies from the FaithLands Toolkit, we invite you to find inspiration for the transformative potential of your faith community’s land.

Good Tree Farm

The Good Tree Farm project traces back to a decision I made at the end of 1981. I left hotel management as a major and switched to agriculture. I wanted an occupation that could fulfill my mission as a Muslim: helping the oppressed and subjugated break the chains of their servitude to those who exploit them.

 —Dr. Hisham Moharram

Strength to Love II

Strength to Love II (S2L2) began as an initiative of Newborn Community of Faith Church in the same way that many of our initiatives start: community listening and partner building.

—Reverend Darriel Harris

Makoce Ikikcupi

Just as our people were created from the clay of Ina Maka (Mother Earth), so too have the millions of bones of our ancestors become one with the earth.


Sisters of St. Joseph and Brentwood Farms:

We knew we didn’t want to be the farmers, but we knew we wanted farming on the land.

—Sister Karen Burke