Agrarian Trust

Interview with Joel Salatin

The Greenhorns Radio Program covered the ground of agricultural land use and transition with forward-thinking farmer Joel Salatin on the Heritage Radio Network. Salatin described the hurdles for young start-up farmers and offers solutions to the growing problem of the aging farm population. Salatin offers as a case model, the innovation brought forth by young farmers working under the umbrella of his own Polyface Farm.


“The successional discussion is central to food and farming,” says Salatin about the 400 million acres of agricultural land destined to change hands in the next 20 years. He stresses that innovation and cooperative land use is crucial for our agricultural future. In the interview he explores the landscape of our agrarian future, and questions the reality of the “peasant farmer” stereotype in favor of an intelligent innovative farmer reminiscent of the Jeffersonian democratic model.

Joel Salatin has written a number of books on farming. His latest is Fields of Farmers and addresses the need and ways to get agricultural land into the hands of new and capable farmers. He is also a farmer, lecturer and agricultural visionary.

Listen to the Interview: Greenhorn Radio Joel Salatin